5 semester goals

Eunice ngambani


  • only maintain a 85 or above in everything i do
  • pass all my tests and quizzes
  • have good relationships with my teachers
  • get a scholarship
  • get a 4.0 GPA throughout my school year


i want to maintain a 85 and above in everything i do because it will help make things easier in the future. passing all my test and quizzes is important to me because that could boost my grade up even more and i will stay at an A and B range. maintaining good relationships with my teachers will be good on the academic side because they could help m when i am struggling on a certain topic. Achieving a scholarship means everything to me, that will help me with paying for college. Getting a 4.0 GPA is my major goal this semester because colleges will be looking at me more and, when its time for me to apply for a college it will be easier.
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