Salvador Dali

By: Shelby Snowden

Biographical Information

Salvador Dali was born May 11, 1904, in Figueres, Spain. His primary type of art work was film, sculpture, an photography. All of his artwork was very striking and bizarre images. Dali's style or period of art was "Surrealism."


The first Surrealistic period was in 1929. Dali described surrealism in three ways.

1. mans universe 2. sexual symbolism 3. ideographic imagery

Salvador Dali was greatly influenced by three major artists: Picasso, Magritto, and Miro. All of these artists sculpted and painted, but Miro is who inspired his Surrealist phase.

Interesting/Personal Information

Salvador Dali was a Communist/ Atheist. It is said that they once performed a crucifixion on him. I couldn't find a favorite quote of his, so I just quoted him. "Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."