Public Transport

A lesson for the government

The Proposal

The government wants to spend one hundred million dollars per year to make public transport free.
Just like that whole bike idea which is still costing taxpayers money even though barely anyone uses them.


This proposal will give people free public transport, more opportunities for all and greater equality between social classes. This will give an incentive to stop using a car and thus lower carbon output. This will also create less traffic on the road.


Greater tax, even for those that don't use public transport.

Lower quality public transport, and greater disregard for it.

Stupidly high amounts of taxpayer money spent on implementing this system.

The Stakeholders

Susan Meddings - Environmentalist

Environmentalists like Susan have a vested interest in the environment and measures put in place to preserve it.

Susan supports the proposal because less car users will decrease the volume of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere

Bill Ford - Car Manufacturer

Bill Ford has a vested interest in the Australian Car industry and whether it will fall with the new proposal.

Bill Ford does not support the new proposal as he believes the government should support Australian businesses and that the Australian car industry is an important part of the history of Australia and will come under pressure with the new implementations.

Percy Blame - Tram Driver

Percy Blame has a vested interest in the public transport system.

Percy supports the proposal as it will give more jobs to Australian workers and better security to current drivers.

Shelly Larchin - Taxpayer

Shelly Larchin has a vested interest in the amount of tax she must pay.

Shelly does not support the proposal as it will cost her more taxes for a service she doesn't use.

Lincoln Small - Commuter

Lincoln Small has a vested interest as he travels with public transport.

Lincoln supports the proposal as he agrees that more use of public transport will create more business for local businesses.

Penelope Longmire - Commuter

Penelope Longmire has a vested interest as she would use public transport if it were free.

Penelope supports the proposal as it would cost her less to get to work.

Daniel Andrews - Opposition Leader

Daniel Andrews has a vested interest in the proposal as he works in politics.

Daniel supports the proposal as he believes it is the best option for Melbourne's future.

Terry Mulder - Public Transport Minister

Terry Mulder has a vested interest as he is the minister of transportation.

Terry Mulder supports the proposal as he believes it will make more people use public transport.

Dennis Napthine - Premier

As the Premier of the state Dr Napthine is responsible for public transport policy. He is also dependent on public support for re-election

Dr Napthine is in support of the proposed changes - having generated them himself. He believes that they will raise Melbourne's esteem and thus improve its desirability.