Search For Safety

By: John Langan Realistic Fiction

One morning at the kitchen table , Ben's mother told him and his Aunt Fay that her and Larry are getting married. The bad thing about it was they have only been dating for a few months. Later after they was leaving his Aunt Fay told his she was going away for awhile to see his grandpa. The day after the wedding they was already moved in and Ben was not happy. Larry and Ben never talked besides when his mother makes Ben say hey. A couple days after they been in the house, Ben came home from school and noticed no one was home, so he wanted to watch T.V. Soon after Larry came home , he looked mad. He didn't say hey or nothing to him, as he came back into the living room he told Ben he didn't want him downstairs with him or his mother. He was mad, so he said "my mom pays have the rent to so i live here too." After that Larry struck him across the face and chased him up the steps. That night when his mother came home she thought he was just discipline Ben. Weeks and weeks went on an the abuse continued an so did the abuse. Even including his mother, they was suffering bad. Ben thought they would never get out of this situation until one day , His aunt Fay shows up.

Child Abuse PSA