2nd Grade Big Top News

December 2015


Welcome to the Big Top. We are so excited to share all the wonderful and exciting new things the students have been learning!

Language Arts

In Language Arts the students have spent a significant amount of time practicing their writing skills. The students will complete their Chanukkah memories booklet and they will share their completed work with their peers. The students are learning important grammar skills such as common and proper nouns, and identifying singular possessive nouns. The students look forward to starting their new novels Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo.


In math, the class is continuing to learn two-digit addition with regrouping. The class is using math manipulatives to practice these skills as well as participating in Smartboard lessons. Every few days each child is creating addition flash cards that they take home and practice. Please take some time to practice together each night.


The students are fully immersed in their unit about animals. They have learned to identify the various characteristics about each animal group and are able to give examples of each one. The class will choose one of their favorite animals and complete a research project about this animal. They will read articles about their chosen animal, write an essay about what they have learned, and create a 3D animal habitat.

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Social Studies

The students will begin the next unit that focuses on the world around us. They will learn about the seasons and climates around the world. Then they will create a chart about the world regions and the equator, poles and hemispheres.


In the upcoming month of December (Kislev) we will study about Chanukkah, the Festival of Lights. Students will learn new vocabulary words related to the holiday and will continue to improve their speaking, reading and writing skills. We will read the story of Chanukkah in class, sing Chanukkah songs, practice the blessings for lighting the Chanukkia as well as the prayer “Al Hanisim”, to thank Hashem for all the miracles He did and continues to do for us every day. Our learning will focus on understanding Chanukkah from a historical perspective, and placing events on a timeline. We have plans to do some wonderful art projects in celebration of the holiday and “Hiddur Mitzvah” (beautifying the mitzvah). On Wednesdays we continue learning the Parasha of the week. Students are already familiar with the names of the five Books of the Torah, along with the Parshiot of Genesis (B’reshit). We would like to wish you all Happy Chanukka and a wonderful safe winter break.

Morah Dora and Morah Odelya


During the month of December students will continue learning all about the vowels. In Spanish the sounds of these letters differ from the English ones, so they will be identifying, recognizing, and sounding out these letters correctly. We will begin with the letter “e”. They will also work on Chanukah; a fun interactive game page for the holiday will be created and they will be able to recall some holiday words in Spanish. Wishing you all FELĺZ JÁNUCA!


This month, we will talk in common phrases used during shopping. Students will ask “where are the beverages/foods?” and respond with “cake/ bread/watermelon/banana”. They will also say “do you want to drink some? This tastes good” and “do you want” and “I (also) want this”. Students will be learning to write the characters “more, people, thing, and what”. Hello China videos will be shown to better understand Chinese cultures. Students will also be participating in interactive educational games. We will have Hanukkah activity as well.


Second grade will experience hands on explorations this month that include learning about pulleys. Concepts in engineering include pulling a force, direction and rotation, as well as increase and decrease of speed. Through designing and building a crane with Lego’s students are building skills to test, evaluate, and redesign models.


This month we will do our annual physical fitness testing as we train and test our students in the following fitness areas: Endurance (Long Distance Run), Upper Body strength (Pullup/Flex Arm hang), Explosive speed(shuttle Run), Core/Abdominal strength( Sit ups) , and Flexibility (Sit and Reach).


This month, the second grade classes are working on their self-portraits. Using mirrors to look at themselves, the students were learning where to place the features of their faces and also learning about proportions.