Internet Safety

Different Ways to be Safe

The Ten Tips to Follow:

1. Choose Long and Strong Passwords!

  • Use lowercase and uppercase letters with symbols and numbers.

2. Secure Your Accounts!

  • Search the website for other protection beyond your password.

3. Separate Passwords for Each Account!

  • Don't use the same password for everything.

4. Write it Down!

  • Keep a list of passwords in safe places so you won't forget them.

5. Set Privacy and Security Settings!

  • It's okay to limit your information with people you don't actually trust.

6. When in Doubt, Throw it Out!

  • Advertising links are great ways for criminals to hack your account/computer.

7. Protect Your Money!

  • When shopping online make sure the website security is enabled.

8. Be Aware!

  • Check the website about information.
  • Make sure they're safe.

9. Think before you act!

  • Don't act upon offers that ask for your personal information, to act immediately, or sounds to good to be true.

10. Back it up!

  • Protect your work and information and make sure to store it safely.

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