Clarinet Solo Performance


Clarinet Solo Performances

Tuesday, May 3rd, 9:30am

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

About Country Gardens

Made famous by: George Percy Grainger. Song was made as a birthday present for his mother. Country Gardens was number 5 on the UK charts in June 1962. It was arranged for piano in 1918 by Percy Grainger. It was recorded by Jimmie Rogers. Country Gardens is a traditional English folk song. More than 40,000 copies were sold a year in the U.S.


Bruce Pearson: A music educator, author, composer, and has worked at music clinics. He wrote method books, and composed music for concert band and jazz ensembles. Bruce has held clinics in all 50 states, and some countries in Europe and Canada.

Mary Elledge: She was born in northern Minnesota, she played piano at a young age. Mary got her Bachelor of science from Moorehead state university. She got her Master of Arts at the university of Iowa.Currently she has a piano studio in San Diego, California.


Traditional English Folk Song: Folk is another word for traditional. In the mid 19th century the word ‘folk’ meant ‘the people’. These songs are songs that people enjoy singing for theirs or other’s entertainment, without recorded music, tv or internet. These songs came from professionals and amateurs. English folk songs are considered English folk songs because they were popular in that community. Though some have themes that involve English events or themes.


I enjoyed that the piece had challenging parts, and some easy parts. It helped me to learn how to better go above register quickly. In Country Gardens I have to constintly go from A to high B. This is one of the only pieces I have played that has a lot of breath marks. Other songs I have played did not have breath marks, so I had to learn to breath at certain times. I enjoyed the 4th quarter solo project.

About Emily Zurn

My name is Emily Zurn, and I am in 7th grade on the Lynx team. I am in Cheer, and love to ride horses. I like to ride and vault on horses, vualting is when your horse has a pad on and a strap with handles. You jump up onto the horse and stand or sit in different positions. I have stood on a horse, it was not moving though. My hobbies are reading and playing outside. I have a dog named Dash, and I have many fish.