The Helpfulness of School Uniforms

By: Olivia Smith


The topic of school uniforms in public schools has been debated for a long time. School uniforms keep students safe, improve their academics, and stop them from wearing inappropriate clothing.

Body paragraph:

School uniforms have been causing a lot of trouble. Some public schools find them helping their school even though the students hater them. The school uniforms stop the wearing of any gang colors on school grounds because one time a 6 year old girl was beaten to death because of her red sweater. Her killers thought she was from a rival gang. It also stops students from wearing clothing that could conceal weapons like baggy pants and trench coats. School uniforms stop students from wearing inappropriate clothing like too short of shorts and crop tops. Finally uniforms stop students from being jealous of each other and wanting to harm one another to get something they cannot afford.

School Uniforms Are they a Good Fit to the Democratic Context of Public Schools

Concessions and Rebuttal:

Though uniforms do stop al lot of harm some people say that is just a superficial answer to deep-rooted problems. Like the crumbling school buildings, persistently low test scores, and inadequate teachers. Also, some people say that uniforms stifle creativity. And finally they say that takes way students constitutional rights of freedom of expression. Though uniforms may do that they still keep students safer than dress codes because most of the students wont fallow the dress code anyway.


In conclusion school uniforms are beneficial to public schools in keeping them safe and responsible.

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