Me, Myself, Katelin Shackelford

A person actions will tell you everything you need to know.

Who Am I?

In a nutshell I'm a otaku, anime lover, and a gamer girl. I love getting comfy and playing a good game, reading a fantasic book, or even watching a 5 star anime in the making. I'm a natural talent for writing/art/cooking. I just love the feeling of baking a cake, writing a novel, and painting a masterpiece; it's my escape from this terrible world we have to live in. People tell me I'm a nice, kind, warm caring person inside and out; I'm also a good friend to have that'll be there for you when you need me. Even with all the good things my friends and family tell me I have a lacking self-esteem of -2; not even a postive number in my book. The way I learn best is by doing it myself; learning threw my failures; and from visaule images. In my mind I'm a ugly, annoying, useless girl but with a weird personailty and a couple friends and a dream worth making.

These things matter when you're making a career cause if you do something you don't care for you'll never be happy; but if you do a career of something you love you'll live a life full of happiness.

My Career As A..... Manga Artist

I always wanted to be a Manga Artist. I love drawing awesome characters like the ones in the anime I watch. The basic job description for a manga artist is to create original artwork using any of a wide variety of media and techniques. Manga Artist don't get cheap pay tho. Yearly they get $53,080, and hourly $25.52. Unless you live in Japan or Korea, the job market for anime or manga artists is very very small. The cluster for a manga is arts, audio/video technology. The work schedule is that they have a very tight work schedule. They get around six or seven hours of sleep, and they're working the rest of the time nonstop the rest of the time, except when they get a day off. The work environment is in a 8,000 sq. ft. area with seven desks w/a sofa and TV so they can play video games with there assistants.The interesting thing about my career is that the you get to go to Japan ( my favorite country!) and draw really cool characters like Minato from Naruto.

How Do I Get There??

The college I'm going to is Kanazawa College of Art in Japan. The reason It has to be this college is because 1.) it's in Japan ( once again my favorite country!) 2.) A famous manga author and animation director went to this school. Just imagination what I could do! 3.) I need to master Art in for my career, also Foreign Language. 4.) It's far from home but I can send cool pictures to my mom. I need a high school graduate diploma and a foreign language .

Entrance fee

28,200yen (residents of Kanazawa city or graduate of our institute)
56,400yen (others) Lecture fee14,800yen (per one credit).The type of scholarship I hope to get is UAFS.