5th Grade News

Classroom News

We have a lot going on this week! Please remind your student that behavior still counts during the last 2 weeks of school. We are still learning and working and we have a lot to take care of before school is out! Thank you for your support and all that you do!

What We Are Learning About...

Reading/Writing -This week we are continuing our Graphic Novels/Photo Essay on a social issue of the student's choosing. We are reading Bridge to Terabithia and completing our daily summaries. Students are also working on their end of year writing. Their writing prompt is "Tell about your best day at school".

Math - Since we have completed our 5th grade math curriculum, we are reviewing items form earlier in the school year. This week we are working on fractions, order of operations, multiplication, and division. We have also included exponents in our review this week.

Social Studies - Students are continuing to work on their State Reports. Please do not allow your student to fall behind on this project as it does count towards 3 grades.

Science - Students will be doing an experiment called "Save Fred!" and learning about amazing scientific facts in our everyday world!