#Miched Digital Citizenship Chat

Join moderator Nate Langel (@natelangel) Wed 9/23 8 pm est

Digital Citizenship: From Nice to Ethical

Chat norms:
  • Begin with an introduction at 8 p.m. (name, assignment, place, interesting personal information)
  • Questions are sent from moderator using "Q" and number.
  • Reply using "A" and corresponding number
  • Don't forget the hashtag! #miched
  • Use a Twitter app, such as Tweetdeck, that allows multiple columns. Follow #miched in one column and moderator (@natelangel) in another.
  • Questions are NOT timed this evening


Q1: What does digital citizenship mean to you?

Q2: Search the web for images of "Digital Citizenship". Share & analyze it. What common themes does your image have with others’ images?

Q3: How is Digital Citizenship different from traditional thoughts of citizenship?
Part 2: Compare/contrast digital vs non digital citizenship.

Q4: What images/resource convey a more holistic view of digital citizenship?

Q5:What are we already doing or what can we start to do to help our students move from being nice to ethical?

Feel free to share examples!