Styles and Etiquette Of Men

By: Tamisia Lynch B. Thornell, English II Honors, 3/20/15


Gentlemen of Victorian, England in the 1900s had a lot of values to have proper Etiquette whether you was in the upper class or the lower class. There was a very strict and required classy etiquette in their lives.
Much of the etiquette of men were based on "good taste" and respect. One of the major etiquette expectations for men was to never speak in anger or out of tone. It was rude to speak loudly or in anyway to draw attention to yourself, therefore all conversation had to be quiet. Another etiquette of men was to remove gloves and hats when being entered into the dining room. This shows respect in a highly manner.

In greeting others, especially ladies, men bow down or tip off their hats to show honor to others. It was enforced that men respect women of all kind. This was a major etiquette of men also. Men must comfort women and make them feel important. Men must never show violence towards women of any kind. If so, consequences were given.

Styles of Victorian England Men

Even though most of the people in Victorian England was poor, fashion was still a big trend. Men mostly wore suits. Most of the time, the coats were long and underneath it would be a vest. In the 1900's bows was a big thing. Men either wore bow ties or a regular tie with a knot. Also the balloon style pants were very popular, often worn with long socks.

The accessories that were popular in the 1900's are the bucket hats, pocket watches, and even canes that sometime weren't even needed.

Facial hair was also a big thing in Victorian England. Men kept themselves looking sharp. It didn't matter how much facial hair they had as long as they kept it trimmed. Men thought mustaches drew women attention.

Men in Victorian England kept up with fashion and their attitudes matched with their appearance. Men had a very eloquent dress code and also a very pleasant attitude.


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