My Side Of the Mountain

By- Jean Craighead George

Intro Summary-

This is a book about how a boy, named Sam, goes to live on a mountain away from his family. He digs a big hole into a tree and that is where he lives. He finds ways to eat. Everything he eats is made from scratch. He finds a bird and takes it from his mother to live with him. He names him Frightful.


Sam- He is a boy who goes to live in the wilderness. He runs away from home to live on a mountain. He makes some strange friends, who like him and stay by him through his entire journey.

Mr. Girbley- Mr. Girbley is Sam's father. He visites him just a few times. He didn't think that Sam could make it and he thought that he would be back in about a day or two. He was wrong about that.

Mrs. Turner- She works in the library. Sam learns to go there and find books that he knows can help him survive in the wild. But she helps him find his books that he needs in order to know.

Frightful- Frightful is a bird. She was taken by Sam from her mother so that Sam could train her, and also have a friend. Frightful becomes a lifelong friend with Sam.

Baron- Baron is a weasel that is very fun and outgoing. He loves to play tricks on people and run away into his holes. But at the same time he is a loving friend to Sam.

Jesse Coon James- Jesse Coon James is a racoon who is very fat! He loves to eat when he can. He lives on the second story of the tree.

Bando- Bando is a man who finds Sam in the wilderness one day when he was sleeping. He and Sam see each other on the holidays. He helps Sam in many ways every time he comes.

Main Conflict-

The main conflict in this book is when he has to go through the winter. It is hard to live on a tree through winter. He builds him a fire and he makes himself some clothes from dear fur, but that's all he has. He survives with enough food to last him all of the winter. Last of all, I would think that this book would be Man versus nature. I say this because it is exactly what it sounds like. It is man (Sam) versus nature (nature). He is frighting to survive on his side of the mountain, and at the same time learns a few things up his sleeve.

Main Plot-

  • There is a boy named Sam Gribley.
  • He tells his dad that he is running away from home and he is going to go live on the mountain
  • His dad does not believe him and thinks that he will be back in a day or two.
  • Sam leaves and does exactly what he told his dad and he stays out there for over a year. (Never renters home)
  • Sam makes himself a home inside of tree.
  • One day he finds a birds nest and he takes a baby bird for himself, not to eat, but for it to really become his best friend/pet.
  • He names it Frightful and teaches it how to do amazing tricks.
  • He also makes friends with other animals as well, such as Jesse Coon James (a raccoon).
  • Soon it starts to become winter.
  • He needs to find food and prepare for winter because he does not know what is coming his way.
  • He finds nuts, fish, and all sorts of things to last him and Frightful all winter.
  • He also makes himself some clothes out of deer fur. It was very warm and conferring during the winter.
  • While winter is there he is very bored in his tree.
  • There is not that much to do because he can not go outside because of the cold weather.
  • When winter is finally over he and Frightful go and play outside and get there energy out from there very long winter inside the tree!

Book Quote-

"That will do nicely," I said. Then I paused---just to let him know that I knew a little about him too. I smiled and said, "I will call you Bambo"

(George 78).

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