Literary Element-Rising Action


Definition of Rising Action

Rising Actions are events that take place in a story that help lead up to the climax (turning point) of the story. So it's basically all the details that the Author as written in the story to help establish what big event is going to happen next.

Where does the Rising Action go?

The Rising Action is always after the Exposition and before the Climax in a story!!!

DON'T forget the Rising Action, it's an important part of a story!!!

Example of Rising Action in Scarlet Ibis

The Rising Action for the "Scarlet Ibis" was when Brother and Doodle became closer, and then Brother started to teach Doodle how to walk. So Doodle was able to function properly and do certain things. This is the rising action because it's giving hints that Doodle is eligible to do stuff but not everything. Then your inferring that he is going to die if he gets worked to hard which is the Climax.

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