The Sun

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The Sun is 1,390,000 km in diameter and made of 70% Hydrogen, 28% Helium and 2% with other metals like iron. In the Milky Way Galaxy it is one of the largest stars.
The Sun has many different layers and each one has different temperatures, the surface of the Sun is 5,000 degrees. Everything in our solar system orbits the Sun and the sun rotates on it axis.

Solor Winds

A solar flare is when high energy particals shoot out from the Earths surface. They can cause radio problems. But they are also the reason for the Northern Lights. They accure when charged particals make the atom give off a glow.


The Sun is in the Milky Way Galaxy in the middle of our solar system. It gives off light and heat to the planets that orbit it. The Sun is 149,600,000 km from the Earth.
The solar system's motion through space


The Sun has an iron like the Eath, witch causes it to have a much bigger magnetic feild. It takes 24.5 days for the the Equater to rotate onces, and for the poles it takes about 36 day. the Sun also has an axis witch it rotates that is also the same axis that most of the planets rotate around.
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Green Sun