Mass Hysteria

Salem Witch Trails vs War of the Worlds broadcast

Salem Witch Trails

The salem witch trails took place in Salem Village,Massachusetts in 1692. There were some girls that were suffering illness, but the town doctor could not figure out a cause to the symptoms. The town then thought witchery was in the town. There were 150 accused and 18 people hanged.
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War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

During 1938 most people would listen to radios at home for entertainment. The "Mercury Theatre on Air" Wanted to increase there radio audience. Orson Welles. Decided for a halloween broadcast to perform a play based on H.G. Wells novel War of the Worlds. The play consisted on news broadcasts and other news bulletins. Welles performed an intro to the play that included that is was an adaptation of H.G. Wells novel and that it is a play. Most people did not here the intro and only heard the "news broadcasts". The broadcast caused massive panics due to people not listening to the entire story.
Orson Welles on War of the Worlds
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