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March 2022

NWAEA Math Team

We are the NWAEA instructional leaders in mathematics education ensuring all educators have access to high quality mathematics teaching and learning.

Top 5 Resources for March

1. Accessible Math Routines- This resource is a menu of math routines that can be utilized for K-12 in general education and special education.

2. Curriculum Material Comparison- EdReports is a great tool for exploring available curriculum options.

3. ISASP Math Test Specifications - This link provides the framework for the 2022 math ISASP test.

4. Orchestrating Discussions- A fantastic article about how to facilitate great math conversations in your classroom.

5. Are You "Wishing" Math Content Into Your Students?- Six questions to ask yourself to find out how you are helping math students access mathematics.

Are your students reluctant to answer questions or are afraid to participate?

The Notice and Wonder routine is a great way to increase accessibility of mathematical content to all students. NCTM has a great introduction video to the foundations of the routine as well as a guide for teachers to facilitate these discussions in class.

Notice and Wonder Resource

Notice and Wonder Episode 3

Elementary Resource

Mathisfigureoutable- A podcast series by Pam Harris connecting early numeracy concepts to higher level math content.

Middle/High School Resource

Desmos- This free online tool can perform a range of functions including graphing, calculations, and simulations. Additionally, with a free account, students can save their graphs to visit at a later date.

Shifts in Mathematics

Achieve the Core has excellent resources available to support your understanding of the college- and career-ready shifts in mathematics.
The Common Core Shifts in Mathematics

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