Portugal is awesome ;)


LOL ;)

1. In 1755 there was a earthquake in Lisbon

2. Early humans were living in 30000 years ago

3. During the 1400 the Portuguese began exploring the world

4. Portugal is by side spain

5. the sea is one of portugals most important natural resources

6. there arealso more then 30 other natural areas

7. children in Portugal take part in the eco-schoo enl program

8. the school day portugal starts at 9.00a.m and ends at 3.30 p.m

9. they like to go sufen

10. the have a lot of dolphins

11. the highest portuguess moutain is ponta

8. Portugal is investing in a huge alternative energy program

9. the helth care is free in Portugal

10. Fodo is Portugal most famous music

11.socoer is called football

12. the population is 10,813,834

13. thay can speak Brazilian

14.portugal is in europe

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Iluminações de Natal 2013 Christmas lights Lisbon Portugal