2015 Aquin First Semester Exam Week

Aquin Junior-Senior High . December 18-22

General Information for Jr-Sr High Students

  • There will be regular bus service on Friday (12.19), both AM and PM.
  • There will be NO bus service on Monday (12.21) and Tuesday (12.22).
  • There will ONLY be cafeteria service on Friday (12.18).
  • Due to early releases on Monday-Tuesday (12.21-22), there will be no lunch periods.
  • Junior High students will be in school from 7:45am-2:30pm on Friday; from 7:45am-12:05pm on Monday, and from 7:45am-12:00pm on Tuesday.
  • Senior High students report to your first scheduled exam of the day.
  • Senior High students may leave school after the period of your last scheduled class has ended.
  • All students grades 7-12 must attend the Ring Ceremony in Dress-Up Day attire on Tuesday. They will all be dismissed for Christmas Break at the conclusion of Mass/Ring Ceremony.
  • This special schedule is ONLY for the Junior-Senior High Campus. St. Joe's Campus will operate on a regular schedule all 3 days.

Friday . December 18


Senior High-Period 2:
Advanced Biology, English 12, Middle Eastern History, Health 10, Physics, Fitness, Algebra I, Speech

Junior High-Period 2


Senior High-Period 4:

Geometry, Religion 12, Biology, English 10, US History

Junior High-Period 4


Senior High-Period 9:

Media, English 10, Spanish I (Gr. 9), Ceramics


Junior High-Period 9


Junior High-Lunch


Senior High-Lunch


Senior High-Period 10:

Geometry, Religion 10, English 12, Spanish I (Gr. 8), Fitness, Jewelry, English 9

Junior High-Period 10

Monday . December 21


Senior High-Period 1:

Pre-Calculus, World History, Chemistry, US History, Spanish IV, ALEKS, Fitness

Junior High-Period 1


Senior High-Period 7:

Religion 9, Economics, Chemistry, English 11, Government, Spanish III, Environmental Science, Fitness, Advanced Art

Junior High-Period 7 (7th Period Lunch meet in Mrs. Daws' room)


Senior High-Period 6:

Finite Math, Religion 11, Computer Applications, Physics, Introductory Art

Junior High-Period 5/7th Grade Lit (special room assignments)

Tuesday . December 22


Senior High-Period 3:
Calculus, Accounting, Algebra II, English 11, Modern Issues, Spanish II, ALEKS, Fitness

Junior High-Period 3


Senior High-Period 8:

Religion 10, Spanish II, Fitness, Drawing & Painting

Junior High-Period 8


  • Mass & Ring Ceremony for all Students in Grades 7-12 in the Auditorium
  • Dress-Up Day for all students in Grades 7-12
  • Students & Faculty will be dismissed for Christmas Break at the conclusion of the Mass & Ring Ceremony