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5ive for Friday

1. Shout Out: Tiffany Ford and specials. Another amazing music performance Tuesday night! It was literally standing room only as 129 second graders knocked it out of the park! Well done!

Gaya Kumar and her work on Multicultural Night!

2. Liliana Scuilia:

- Something people would be surprised to learn about her

- Columbia

- South Florida

- Her school experience

- Being the messenger

- Going back to Colombia

- Saturday

- Dancing, Dancing, Dancing

- Unwind? What's that?

- Inspiration

- 40 cousins?

- Grandma

- Colombia, Florida, Brooklyn, Frisco

- Why teach?

- The connection to ESL students

- Teaching her kids Spanish

- Spanish or English thinking

- The book she gives most often

- Her source of strength

- Teaching story

- Teaching Grit

- Getting humbled

- Dancing Daughters

- 20 year old self

- Write the book

- What she would tell others to do

- Be nice

- What she spends the most time thinking about


Next week we learn about Nina Kitisravroapan no Kitasorav no Kitastroporpoan no Kitisrivoran. Yes, that is right. Oh wait it is Kitisrivorapan. Totally nailed it. Nina K.

3. Checkout: If you have a daughter check out the book The Gutsy Girl by Caroline Paul. Caroline Paul is a Stanford graduate who has lived a life of adventure. She has been there and done that. From climbing Denali in a blizzard to hiking Siberia. She is a best selling author, a firefighter (search and rescue) and an extreme adventure seeker. She is on a mission to get everyone to stop being afraid. After listening to her you quickly realize she isn't afraid of anything or anyone.

4. What I'm listening to? The new Tony Robbins Podcast. If I could sit down with a round table of people Tony Robbins would be one of the people at that table. This guy is beyond brilliant, he must be if every president since Ronald Reagan has consulted with him. He has worked with top athletes, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Elon Musk...need I go on? He is a wiz in the world of business, health, finance, technology, and self-help. He is brilliant and his positivity and energy will inspire you to do great things. He is a best-selling author many times over and his seminars draw some of the biggest and brightest in the world. He is also a giant standing 6'8" and has the voice of a Viking.

5. Lou update...Louis has another belt test Friday night. Biggest one yet. He has been practicing for months and this Dad is beyond nervous. I'll let you know how he does with pictures...think positive thoughts!


“The good in life does not depend on life’s length, but upon the use we make of it. It is possible, or rather usual, for a man who has lived long, lived too little.” – Seneca the Younger