Mrs. Liddon's First Grade Class


January 4, 2016

Welcome Back! I hope this newsletter finds you rested and refreshed! I am excited about returning and seeing all those smiling faces in the morning!

This week....

This week we will be shifting back to Science and exploring animals, specifically their habitats, body covering, appendages, and they way they move. This is always a fun unit for the kiddo's. We will be using our Chromebooks to research and create animal portfolio's.

In math we are going to stay with computation and focus on subtraction and number stories. Learning addition and subtraction facts fluently creates a foundation for many other math units we will be learning, for example fractions and time. Please help your child practice this skill at home.

Writing and reading will have a non fiction focus with students learning to retell using beginning, middle and end. (Without feeling like they need to include every detail :) Students will also be answering and asking questions; Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? After you read with your child see what questions they can come up with about the story or characters.

Some things we will leave in 2015....

Dates to Remember:


8th, Friday- Vocabulary Parade

14th, Thursday- ODS information night at 6:00

18th, Monday- Schools Closed

19th-21st- Book Trade

26th, Tuesday- Spirit Night (stay tuned)