Different features offered

Gillette Fusion blades

Different features offered by Gillette Fusion Blades

Gillette may be referred to as one of the most innovative companies you come across in the world. It reinvents all its products on a regular basis in order to provide its customers with the finest range of accessories that are completely in accordance with the latest trends in the market. This may also be called as creative destruction. This is one of the main reasons why Gillette has been able to expand and grow its market internationally over the years. High end shaving razors are the specialty of Gillette and they have been evolving these products very frequently. One of the finest and most successful products offered by the company is what we call Gillette Fusion blades.

Gillette Fusion blades

If you are looking for a comfortable and smooth shave, buying yourself a fusion blade is a good option. It features multiple razor blades on the front. They are placed right next to each other in order to provide the user with a smooth shaving experience. Gillette fusion blades offer a more comfortable shave as every blade has to bear reduced amount of pressure due to the fine design and symmetry of the razor. In order to get the most out of your shaving experience, it is recommended to go for a fusion blade that comes with razor handles.

Gillette fusion razor blades

Gillette fusion razor blades offer many other features as well. One of these features includes the precision trimmer which helps you in shaving various tricky areas on your face like the areas under your side burns and nose. You may also buy a battery powered razor which offers soothing micro pulses that help in minimizing friction and increasing the glide of the razor so that you might not feel the sharp surface of the blades. Moreover, these razors also feature a pretty flexible comfort guard which includes 15 micro fins to provide you with a nice shaving experience by following the contours of your face. Last but not the least, there is a lubrication strip present at the top of the razor. After a number of shaves, it gets faded to white which indicates that the razor is no better to use.

Gillette MACH 3 razor blades vs. Gillette fusion blades

The Gillette fusion razor blades have been very successful in the market for more than the past eight years. Mach 3 is another product offered by Gillette but if you are looking for a more comfortable shaving experience, going for fusion razor is a better option as it offers a more advanced shaving system. Unlike mach 3, fusion comes with 5 blades along with a precision trimmer and a flexible comfort guard. All these features beat Mach 3 which comes with 3 blades on the front of the razor. Moreover, Gillette power fusion (the one with the batteries) also features a microchip which is installed in the handle of the razor and allows the user to have an improved shaving experience as compared to that provided by a Mach 3.

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