Art Vandelay Mall Industries

Build your own mall!

Seinfeld Moment š¯„„Art Vandelayš¯„„

Mall Building

We at Vandelay industries pride ourselves at constructing innovative and trendsetting malls. We have our little workers strive to design malls that fit the needs of the modern shopper. We set our little workers up with the necessary tools and know how to fulfil their expectations and bring their "big ideas" to life!
Nothing Is Higher Than Architect

See the wonders of Vandelay Industries!

Below is the first ever mall built by Vandelay Industries creators Chris, Kumanan and Kabilan! When they first started their company, it was just the three of them. But since then, their company has ballooned to over 30 additional employees! Each of which has been prepared specially by the co-creators to be inquisitive while thinking critically. They are equipped with the typical problem solving skills that any student of Vandelay Industries hopes to have.
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State of the art measuring and creation!

As you can see below, we here at Vandelay Industries encourage our little workers to utilize the most up to date tools and methods for measuring. We send our workers into newly built malls to determine if the mall has been built up to code and standard. When sending our workers into the field, we want them to feel like they are truly in the 21st century. Using their hands, feet and wingspan, we really enjoy watching our students develop plans of action to meet the goals we set out for them!

Newest Floor Plans!

Below are two of the newest floor plans! They were created by two of our youngest team members and aren't they amazing?!
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The Serious Stuff

Below you can find our actual three part lesson outline, assignment master copy "Art Vandelay Mall Industries", the rubric and the rational for our lesson. The above floor plans are some samples of what student's might submit.
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