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Here you will find out of this world deals on useful everyday inventions that will make your life easier!

Who came up with this?

There are many inventors who made these ideas come to life. One that stands out to me is Nikola Tesla. He focused his research on electricity and how he could manipulate it for everyday use. Consequently, he Invented things like the light bulb and radio. He then went on to invent alternating current, competing against the then famous Thomas Edison. His discoveries, like the light bulb, allowed people to work longer hours in the dark.

What is Electromagnetic Induction?

Electromagnetic Induction is when a conductor is placed in a magnetic field and produces voltage throughout the conductor. It is used in many devices, such as generators, motors, television, and even credit cards. Credit cards, for example, contain a magnetic strip that has a series of magnets that is specific to that credit card. When swiped through a reader, it can identify the exact card by reading the position of the magnets.


Our microwaves start at $29.99. They are the best in the business. Originally developed by Percy Spencer, the microwave uses radio waves to heat up the food through the process of dielectric heating. the introduction of the microwave was huge because you could have access to hot food in a matter of seconds.

Gift Card

Our gift cards can be bought for use at many different stores. They start at $24.99 and go all the way up to $99.99. The gift cards is a device that uses similar technology to a credit card. A card reader can identify the specific gift card in use by finding the arrangement of the magnets on the magnetic strip. This inventor of this was Ralph Schneider.


You will not find a better printer for our price. Our printers start at a low $49.99. We have wired and wireless printers to cater to everybody's needs and budget. To understand how a printer works, you need to first understand the invention that started it all. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450. Ink is pressed on to paper and could create large quantities of print, such as books or newspapers. Modern day printers, however, are a little different. Laser printers use toner and static electricity to print.


Our TV's start at only $79.99. They are of the highest quality and significantly lower in price than our competitors. High-powered radio frequency transmitters to broadcast the television signal to individual TV receivers to create that moving picture you see on the screen.

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