We are having a very busy week with only 4 days of classes due to Parent Conferences.

We are also enjoying so much this beautiful weather, although rain is on the way for today.

We are going to start our Lenten season on February 10th with a Mass celebration of Ash Wednesday. Our students are not attending because it will be a very long Mass with parish people attending. We will however attend our regular school mass on Thursday

Lent is a season for soul searching and repentance. We are invited to deepen in our personal relationship with God.

-Teachers will be conferencing with parents on February 12th.

-No School February 12th, 15 and 16th due to our Winter Break.

-Valentine Grams are still on sale. Please send a dollar and a Valentine gram will be sent to anyone you like in the School on February 11th. Tomorrow is the last day for sales.

-Children will need to create their Valentine mailbox for the Valentine’s class party. Remember we cannot have food or drink at all for our party day due to our nutrition inspection. However, they will be receiving each other’s valentines on Thursday February 11th from their classmates and Teachers. Our Valentine’s party will be only the exchange of cards and playing some games.


PHONICS: This week we are introducing a new letter. It is the letter “J.” We’re singing and dancing with this new letter.

We are doing coloring, cutting and pasting activities using this letter.

MATH: We are learning more about the symbol and quantity from numbers from 1 to 10.

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: We are singing and dancing learning about farm animals. This is new vocabulary that we are introducing to our students. They are doing great. They have been learning more about the outdoors particularly about living and non-living things.

MOTOR SKILLS: We are very proud of their progress. They can do a lot of things now, like cutting and pasting, running faster, jumping and hanging from the monkey bars. Both their fine motor and gross motor skills have improved.

RELIGION:They know more about our Lord’s friendship and protection. They know that our Lord’s son Jesus, is our brother and our best friend.

They’re doing marvelous job praying their new prayer “Angelito de Mi Guarda” ( My little Guardian Angel). They’re learning it so fast.

We hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ms. Marseille and Ms. Sonia