The Fire

A school was having picnic by the old church up on Jay Mountain when it caught fire. Pony Boy Curtis jumped out of the car being driven by Dallas Winston and alongside Johnny Cade. Once the boys arrived at the church Pony Boy jumped out of the car and ran towards the church. A women realized that some of the children were missing and that they must be in the church. Pony boy went through a window into the burning church alongside Johnny Cade. They rescued all the kids that were missing. Johnny Cade suffered severe burns , Dallas Winston suffered a burnt arm, and Pony boy Curtis ended out okay.

What is the court planning to do about this?

The courts are charging Johnny Cade for man slaughter for killing the Soc Bob at the park. Also Pony boy Curtis is expected to appear at Juvenile court for running away. Johnny Cade would also be expected for running away. The courts might take Pony Boy and his brother Soda Pop out of their home to live in a boys home. There are no charges against Dallas Winston.

What do I think should happen?

I think that Johnny Cade should not be charged for man slaughter because he was doing it in self defense to protect Pony boy. If Johnny hadn't killed Bob Pony Boy Curtis could possibly be dead. Also Pony Boy Curtis and Soda Pop should be able to stay in their home because their brother,Darry, is trying his best to take care of his brothers after his parents died. I do think that if things do not get better in the Curtis home , that the brothers should still be able to see their brother but live in a different house.