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Week 5: September 15-19

Important Information

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is celebrated around the US in September. We would like to invite grandparents to visit our school and classroom on Friday, September 26 from 10-10:40am. Students will have the opportunity to interview their grandparents, read and complete different activities, and give their grandparents a tour of our classroom. We ask that grandparents do not stay for lunch, as our lunchroom is already very crowded! Background checks are not required for grandparents.

Week 6 Curriculum

Reading: Fact & opinion

Writing: Small moments

Grammar: Common nouns

Math: Addition strategies

Social Studies: Geography

Wordly Wise Vocabulary Words (Lesson 2):

calf, claw, couple, cushion, flap, groom, share, shelter, yard, zero

*Vocabulary Test on Friday, October 3

Words Their Way Sight Words:

look, is, her, there, some

*Spelling Quiz on Thursday, October 2

Mark Your Calendar!

  • September 26 - Grandparents Day
  • September 26 - PTO Movie Night
  • October 1 - Picture Retakes
  • October 20-22 - Parent Conferences
  • October 23 & 24 - Fall Break

Related Arts Schedule

  • Monday 9/22 - PE
  • Tuesday 9/23 - Music
  • Wednesday 9/24 - Art
  • Thursday 9/25 - PE & Library
  • Friday 9/26 - Music

Snapshots from our week

Whew! It was a busy week. So busy I skimped on photos:( We finished up our Citizenship unit by performing short skits that demonstrated acts of good citizenship. This is so fun because it requires students to not only think about how to handle certain situations, but they must also work together to plan and perform in front of classmates.

We also began practicing for our first Mystery Number Skype, tentatively scheduled for Friday the 15th. This is a wonderful and fun way for students to build number sense and practice speaking in front of the group. I chose a number with significance (11, because it was September 11), and the students pose questions to eliminate as many numbers as possible (is your number greater than 60? is your number odd?). We mark off numbers on our 120 charts as they are eliminated until we find the Mystery Number. We will do a few more practice rounds before we Skype with Mrs. Jackson's 2nd grade class. As the year progresses we will Skype with classes from around the district, state, country, and maybe even the world! Anyone have connections overseas?:) Mystery Skype isn't just for numbers, either! Such a great resource for connecting with other classes on a variety of topics.

Can't believe we've been in school a month already. This time of year always flies. This group blows me away. They are still actively using the strategies we learned from the first few days of school, and using "smart" words. "I predict that I will earn a WOW at lunch tomorrow for showing High 5 behavior" (predictions) or "I am making a connection because I found litter on the playground and I picked it up and threw it away" (connections, citizenship).