By Brooke Landon, Gavin Plowman, John Scheffler

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What is a dictatorship?

A dictatorship is a form of government where a single person or group exercises supreme power based on its control of the military and police.

Pros of Dictatorships...

  1. Power is centralized in the single hands of a single military or political leader who can things done efficiently.
  2. The leader can put an end to political unrest or a national emergency.
  3. Leadership by a single person means there will be a lot of progression towards a cause.
  4. With Dictatorship, there are no arguments in the government.
  5. The society is law abiding because the laws have harsh punishments.
  6. You will be favored if you are in the dictator's party or a personal friend.

Cons of Dictatorships...

  1. Power can be used to abuse citizens who oppose the dictator.
  2. Dictators face serious legitimacy problems.
  3. Dictatorships can turn nations into mass genecides if they are not used correctly. Adolf Hitler and what he did to Germany is a perfect example.
  4. Thousands of people are killed because there is no freedom of speech.
  5. If the country starts to go the wrong direction economically there is no one to change the country's course.
  6. Citizens of countries under dictatorships often have very little rights.
  7. Dictatorships are prone to collapsing very quickly.