Thank You for Your Donations

There is still time to help your library

Our Students Are Grateful!

Many families have donated funds, funds that have already been used to fulfill student requests for new books and additional copies of "always checked-out" titles.

Why we still need your support!

Our students unquenchable desire to read is excellent! However, providing students with new books from popular series and authors has depleted the library's funds. Therefore, I am writing directly to you to ask for help.

Small monetary donations from families will help us purchase books from Amazon during the coming months. Direct donations also ensure funds can be used to by books students are requesting now, rather than later (as with a traditional fundraiser).

How Do I Donate?

Send in your family's donation in an envelope marked "For Mrs. Hilling, Library" When I receive the donation I will write a receipt and place it back in the original envelope. This campaign will be ongoing during the month of February.

Thank your for your donation!