Workshop Checklist

Creative Writing

"...the ideal is for each person to feel engaged and encouraged about writing. A workshop's first concern is to establish a safe atmosphere." - Clive Matson

Follow these steps...

Make sure you do the following things for each person’s draft:

  • Analyze – read each paper closely and fully. Remember, we are paying careful attention to the overall message and content (beliefs, skills, and using them for this semester) – look closely at these areas in the draft.
  • Edit – check for grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanical errors
  • Revise – check wording, sentence structure, organization, etc.
  • Critique – point-out a couple weak or lacking areas and suggest how to strengthen them
  • Comment – make at least 2 suggestions for improvement
  • Compliment – give each paper at least 1 positive compliment about their paper
  • Discuss - once you have finished reviewing each other's drafts, have a conversation reviewing all of the above, or explaining any comments, critiques, or suggestions you gave.