Organize Educational Life...OneNote

The ultimate digital notebook.

What is OneNote?

  • OneNote looks like a digital notebook: Pages are organized into colored sections within notebooks, which are kept together in one program.
  • Notebooks are shareable with other team members and/or students.
  • You can embed just about anything into the pages - images, audio, video, freehand and text annotations, links to web media and files (drag-and-drop). You are not stuck with a linear page layout and can put your items in any area of the page.
  • OneNote has great search capabilities. You can search for text within images, audio, video and linked notes.
  • OneNote reads your handwriting without converting it to text. (If using a touch screen device.)
  • Integrates well with Outlook and Office software.

What OneNote Solves for Teachers

  • Efficiency
  • Helps Managing Files
  • Helps Organize Paperwork
  • Storing and Finding Information
  • Meetings Notes
  • Anywhere Whiteboard

OneNote as a Lesson Planner

The lesson planner can be one that houses everything that you need for your classes and the lesson you are going to present. Add the following items to stay organized.

  • Insert Handouts
  • Word, PowerPoints or Excel files
  • Website Screen Clipping
  • To Do List
  • Audio Notes
  • Create pages for each student

Unique Ways to Use OneNote

  • Newsreader
  • Manage Recipes
  • Use as Media Player
  • Manage Interview with Text to Speak
  • Illustrate Family Tree
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How To Get Super Organized Using Microsoft OneNote

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