March Madness!!

Amazing incentives AND New Spring Product!


I must say, that I am always excited for new product BUT I really feel like they have outdone themselves! If you have not watched the SNEAK PEEK please do so here!!
If you have not already done so order a bundle, you can only choose one so think about which one would benefit you best.

Welcome New Designers!!

Some of you have been out there working away and the "J" month didn't seem to slow you one bit:-) I would love to quickly WELCOME our new designers for January and February!

  • Sharon Chin (CA)
  • Lisa Hamielec (WI)
  • Norma Castro (AZ)
  • Maria Gillen (NY)
  • Stacey Litberg (CA)
  • Francesca Gamiere (OH)
  • Daphne Brewer (CA)
  • Krista Cole (WI)
  • Jessica Ringer (PA)
  • Trisha Diehl (PA)
  • Rachel Knauss (PA)
  • Jessica Kurtz (PA)
  • Rebecca Brisbois (MA)
  • Norma DeFrank (TX)
  • Monica Goines (TX)
  • Melissa Black (TX)
  • Sarah Hock (AZ)
  • Michelle Drapeau (AZ)
  • Andrea Ratliff (FL)
  • Amy Isom (VA)
  • Gina Cioffi (CO)
  • Nancy Clay (AZ)
  • Veronica Silva (CA)
  • Toni Porcelli (FL)

I have invited you all to join our Facebook Page, Team Believe 2 Achieve, via email so make sure you get on that page, there is a wealth of information. Also a great place to throw out your questions and keep you updated on things going on. No worries if you are not a facebooker, just keep up with what is going on the your back office daily and stay in contact with your mentor!.

TEAM RECOGNITION (January and February)

TOP Personal Volume (PV) for January

  1. Betsy and Chloe Schneider
  2. Barbi Hidde
  3. Amy Warren

Top Personal Volume (PV) for FEBRUARY

  1. Amy Warren
  2. Alison Stoner
  3. Valerie Schindo


Barbi Hidde - LEADING DESIGNER in January
Amy Warren - TEAM LEADER in February

Top Designers for Personal Enrollments for January and February combined

  1. Betsy and Chloe Schneider - 3
  2. Amy Warren - 3
  3. Laurie Thompson - 2
  4. Christine Nee - 2


Here is to a very successful March!

Kimberly Mazinter - Executive Team Leader