Samantha Taylor

Im scared of losing you,but then again you aren't even mine.

Describe something you did yesterday.

Yesterday I went to my Uncle Darly's funeral. I posted a new youtube video.

I wrote a new song about a guy I love and Im getting a cd made with the company I am signed to.

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Something you do well

I write songs and poetry well, or so Ive been told.

I suppose it depends on who hears it.

So yeah, Im okay at it I suppose.

i have a contract with

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Something about your childhood

I started living with my grandparents.

I started a Youtube Channel ( you should be amazing and Subscribe.)

Something about you LEARNED last week

I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters that Ive never met. I found out that I am adopted.

My name is suppose to be Athena Marie but my real dad put samantha

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Something you can't live without

My friends. They keep me strong.

Music is my life.

I can't live without my niece.

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something you love to watch/listen to

I absolutely love to watch youtube videos such as

TarHeelProject Pewdiepie and covers/parodies of songs.

I love football, Patriots & Seahawks are life <3

Something you dislike...(cannot be a person)

I dislike People who bully or hurt others.

Whats the point? Just be nice :)