Just Don't Smoke

Why do something that eats away your life?

Smoking doesn't just effect you.

Once you start smoking its hard to stop. Once your hooked its a vicious that will not only effect you, but your friends and family. An example would be secondhand smoking and things like social, legal, and financial consequences and those things effect everything around you, you just might not realize it. It is proven that smoking while having young children they will follow in your foot steps.

Whats inside?

Cigarettes contain more things scan be talked about and here are a few examples: Carbon monoxide, tar, rat poison, paint, toilet cleaners, anti freeze, and even the explosives. And since cigarettes contain tobacco it also has Nicotine which a huge reason why its so hard to quit.

A Cycle

Once you start with one cigarette then your addictive, after one you want more and more of it you just can't get enough. That's the nicotine. But whats worse is that you'll want to spend all your money on just buying it and then it just going to set a whole chain reaction like social,legal, and financial consequences and that's something you don't want.
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Long Term Consequences

Here is a couple examples of consequences you can have like Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema. Chronic Bronchitis (smoker's cough) is something that happens with the repeated use of tobacco, and it can damage the cilia until it can't function. And this leads to a buildup of tar in the lungs causing chronic coughing. And then there is emphysema which is a disease that destroys tiny air sacks in the lungs, and so the lungs become less elastic makes it harder to breathe. With this it take a person to use 80% of their energy to breathe. Now that you know why do it?

Secondhand Smoking

As I have said before smoking doesn't just effect you, any friends or family members. So people just breathing in your smoke can higher there risk of lung cancer. For every 8 smokers 1 person is taken with them and they didn't even smoke. So if you do decide to smoke do it away from people.

Money $$$

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