Everything you need to know about the Chiefs

"Hey guys! And welcome back to Super Bowl V Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Minnesota Vikings," Hank Stram, the coach of the 1969 Chiefs, remembered the announcer saying.

The Chiefs won the coin toss and got the ball first. Len Dawson came onto the field.

Hank Stram remembers telling the team, "Lets do this. Run 4 curls."

The Chiefs won Super Bowl V 23-7. It was a hard game for the Minnesota Vikings. That was a walk-off-win for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs Uniforns

The Chiefs uniforms are red and white. Their helmets are on of the 4 helmets that have there citys initials on there helmet. The Chiefs helmet design is both simple and iconic. It looks like American Indian design.The Chiefs jerseys pay tribute to Lamar Hunt with the initials "LH" permanently stuck to the left chest of every uniform

Famous Players

There are some really famous people that were once on the chiefs. I am going to go through the list of the players that were famous on the chiefs.

Christin Okeye [1987-1992] Running Back

Derrik Thomas [1989-1992] Line Backer

Len Dawson [1967-1997] Quarter Back

Tony Gonzalez [1997-2013] Tight End

Current Players on the Chiefs

There are some awesome players on the Chiefs currenty playing right now. Let me go through them all.

Erick Berry [Safety]

Alax Smith [Quarter Back]

Jamaal Charles [Running Back]

Tamba Hali [Line Backer]


As you guys can see, the Chiefs are a amazing team. I think the chiefs are an awesome team!