chapter 29 project

Aaron schriner

Consumer Bill of Rights

  • The right to safety: protection against products that are hazardous to life or health
  • the right to be informed protection against fraudulent
  • the right to choose access to a variety of quality
  • the right to be heard assurance of representation of consumer interests formulating government policy
  • the right to redress assurance that buyers have way to register
  • the right to consumer education assurance

Patients Bill Rights

  1. patients have the right to receive accurate formation
  2. Patients have the right to choose their doctors
  3. Patients have the right to access health care services
  4. Patents have the right to fully participate in all decisions
  5. consumers have the right to considerate respectful care
  6. consumers have the right to the confidentiality of their individually
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Consumer Right

  1. Meat inspection laws/ stop so red meat is not use
  2. Hazardous substances/ labeling Act place that recall things
  3. Flammable fabrics Act / law banding the selling of wearing apparel made easy to light on fire.
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federal agencies

  1. FCC( federal communications commission)
  2. FDA( food and drug administration)
  3. CPSC(consumer product safety commission
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