London Times

By: Jacqueline Creamer

How inventions change the way people did things during the Industrial Revolution

I believe that these inventions were the stepping-stones for later inventors. With the Industrial Revolution people were able to find new ways to make a living besides farming. The inventions of that time made life for the people that were developing products that used coal or cotton a lot easier. With the assistants of machinery during the Industrial Revolution people were able to mass-produce products. Along with machinery the Industrial Revolution brought new scientific ideas and inventions.

When Louis Pasteur discovered that bacteria was responsible for souring wine, beer and even milk and then invented a process where bacteria could be removed by boiling and then cooling liquid. This would change the health of people during that time. Less illness would develop. Edward Jenner’s invention of the smallpox vaccination also helped with decline of illness at the time and others to come later on.

The invention of the steam engine by James Watt helped with the invention of trains, which helped people transport goods and helped people commute form one location to another at a faster rate. Henry Bessemer invention of the first process for mass-producing steel inexpensively. Iron and steel were another great contribution to the Industrial Revolution. Steel was essential to the development of skyscrapers. With the Industrial Revolution, shipping increased in importance as the distribution of products and the movement of people increased dramatically. Steel and iron was important to ship building. The coastal, foreign and slave trades placed new demands on the shipping industry, and brought employment and substantial wealth to the coastal towns. At the same time, the need for shipbuilding and ship repair also grew. The introduction of steam power, the use of iron and steel in shipbuilding and other advances in the design of merchant ships made sea travel faster and more reliable, and by 1819 steamships had extended beyond rivers, and were undertaking ocean voyages. With all of the great advances that came with this Revolution I believe that the changes were positive. Positive for the people then and the people in the modern world we live in today.