By: Jaylen Acosta


Have you ever been to a professional Football or Baseball game? Football and Baseball games are one of the most exciting things to do. You can smell the buttery popcorn and the fresh cooked hot dogs . My favorite is the creamy ice cream drippin on the floor, and trying to eat it before it melts. Going to the games is not the only thing that is fun; the Football parties are fun too, like the Supper Bowl.

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January and December are my favorite time of the year for Football. I love when the Super Bowl shows. My family always has a huge Super Bowl party, I savor every moment with my family and friends at that time of the year. Hearing family and friends cheering is so amazing knowing their there. The Super Bowl is so popular that companies pay alot of money to have their commercials show.

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Baseball season is one of my favorite seasons. Baseball is so exciting to watch on T.V. , but is a million times better when you go to a live game. at baseball games you hear the roaring crowd, the smell of smoky hotdogs, the perfect ice cream con melting because of the bright shining sun. The taste if ice cold water down your throat, pouring it down your back to cool you off. The sticky, delicious cotton candy gives the best feelings in the world! i enjoy hearing the smack of the bat hitting the ball out into the feild.


Now you know what its like to go to professional football and baseball gmaes. The thrill of the game is so exciting. It is like a wonderful place to take your family and friends, I ensure you will never forget this experience.