Wildcat Cub Newsletter

Classroom News from Mrs. Johnson

Anchor book for the week:

How do we receive our mail and who brings it to us? Delivering Your Mail explains the community helper job of mail carrier and some of the things mail carriers do to ensure we receive our mail each day.

What's happening this week???

  • This week we will be reading and learning what mail carriers do and how they ensure we get our mail.
  • We will learn how to address envelopes.
  • We will continue learning about locks by conducting interviews and then presenting our findings to the class.

Backpack Snack Program

The cost of food creates a financial hardship for many families with growing children. Great Beginnings is proud to partner with Coldwater to provide a bag of child-friendly food for our students each week.

The bags contain items such as canned pasta, individual packages of fruit (applesauce, pears, peaches), cheese or peanut butter crackers, juice and milk boxes, granola bars, macaroni, fresh fruit, etc. The bags are usually sent home with students on Fridays.

If this resource would be helpful for your family, please notify Mary Beth Panek, school social worker, at 986-2466 or your child’s teacher. A signed permission slip is all that is required to start the program for your child.

Upcoming Events

  • February 14th : Play dough with parents. (AM class 11:00-11:45, PM class 3:15-4:00)
  • February 17th : No School
  • February 20th : No School