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Voter registration..

-Must be 18 years old

-must be a US citizen

-must be a resident of the state you are voting in

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Steps in voting..

First before you vote you must register!!

Second thing is you MUST be an informed voter.

Third is make sure you know where your community is voting at, voting takes place in public places in the community.

Voter behavior.

Voting is a responsibility of a citizen. Everyone can register to vote unless they are convicted of a serious crime and haven't spent all their jail time.

Straight VS Split

Straight ticket is the practice of voting for every candidate that a political party has on a general election ballot.

Split ballot is when a voter chooses candidates from the same political party for every office on the ballot.

Ballot Fatigue

This is when there are several names on a political ballot, and voters choose to ignore some candidates when there are too many choices
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Extra knowledge!

There are many amendments that deal with voting. The Fifteenth Amendment prohibited discrimination of the right to vote based on race or former status of involuntary servitude. The Seventeenth Amendment provided for the direct election of Senators. The Nineteenth Amendment prohibited discrimination of the right to vote based on sex. The Twenty Fourth Amendment prohibited the use of a poll tax.
The Twenty Sixth Amendment allowed all citizens over the age of 18 who are not otherwise disqualified the right to vote.
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