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Washington School Newsletter: OCTOBER 2019

Important School Dates

October 2nd September Student of the Month Ceremony

October 4th Professional Development - NO SCHOOL

October 14th Columbus Day - NO SCHOOL

October 17 Waterbury Pink Out Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 18th Super Slushy Day $2 comes with whipped cream and sprinkles

October 23rd Heritage Night 5-6:30

October 31st Dress up as a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Festive Fridays

October 11- Twin Day- Dress the same as someone else. You can even be triplets if you wish.

October 25- Workout Gear- Wear your favorite gym clothes. Yoga pants, sweats, etc.

Remember: No jeans are allowed. You must pay $1 to participate.



Chronically Absent by grade as of September 25, 2019

PreK - 26.7%

K - 14%

1 - 0%

2 - 12%

3 - 4.3%

4 - 3.9%

5 - 7.5%

Research shows “Poor attendance can influence whether children read proficiently by the end of third grade or be held back.”

Student of the Month for September

PreK Gilmore/Stango - Keiry Sanic Arevalo

K Calabrese - Andrea Pavon

K Cooley - Jayden Goodman

K Homewood - Nelma Raghunandan

1 DiBella -Lavon Randolph

1 Lanouette -Mina Hattani

2 Langan - La'Nya Williams

2 Rua - Symphony Williams

3 Alonzo - Alixa Villatoro

3 Byron - Jonah Hattani

4 Carpentieri - Komal Ramgobin

4 Demers - Yasmin Quinones

5 Brito - Daynise Valdez

5 Colby - Laila Hoosain

Classroom News



Kindergartners are continuing to work on letter identification and letter sound. We are reading about how our world around us gives us information. Make sure to practice writing your name at home. Always read before bed each night!


Lets count! We are practicing counting to 10 and using objects to show those numbers. Practice counting at home. Students are also learning about shapes that are all around us. Can you find any in your home?

1st Grade

ELA: First Grade will be starting our new unit in Wonders. We will be talking about things in our community such as jobs and buildings. We will also be discussing characters, settings and events in the stories we are reading. Be sure to keep reading 20 minutes a night along with practicing Fry word books. What is a Character? What is a Setting?

Math: We will continue to add and subtract within 10. students have been introduced to a variety of strategies in class. Have your child show their favorite strategy to you at home. Number Bond Video

2nd Grade

ELA: Second Grade is finishing up Unit 1 of Wonders. Unit 2 will focus on how animals play an important part in the world around us. Please make sure your child is reading every night and don't forget to send their teacher a photo of them reading.

Math: The students have been practicing a variety of strategies to add and subtract as well as comparing. We will start working on representing 3 digit numbers using place value blocks. Keep working on addition and subtraction facts at home.

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3rd Grade

ELA: We will be starting Unit 2 in Wonders! Some of the topics we will explore are cooperation, immigration, and the government. Don't forget to read at home every night!

Math: We have been working hard on multiplication and now we will be starting division! Students have been making equal groups to find the total amount of objects, now we will be finding out how many equal groups when given a total number of objects!

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4th Grade

ELA: We have been working hard on perfecting our reading rotations in 4th grade. Check out the pictures below to see if you can spot your child! We will also be wrapping up Unit 1 in Wonders which shows how challenges can help us become the best version of ourselves. Ask your child about the stories we have read in class so far in both whole group and small group. We have read some amazing ones and have some even better ones coming up!

MATH: We are finishing up different skills within place value. We will be ending the place value unit with multiplying and dividing large numbers. It is so important your child knows their basic multiplication facts in order to perfect this skill. They should be practicing every night for homework.

Happy Numbers class login codes:

Demers: 546 240

Carpentieri: 654 969

Multiplication using area model:

Division using area model:

5th Grade

ELA: Our student teacher, Ms. Nido, will be teaching the students about author's point of view and the cause/effect relationship in informational text. We will also write a mystery! Please ensure your child reads every night!

Math: For the remainder of the first quarter we will be working with decimal numbers. We will kick off the unit with reading, writing and modeling decimals. From there students will learn how to use place value to compare, order and round decimals. The semester will round out with using all we have learned about decimals and put it into action adding and subtracting decimals!

Here are some links that can be helpful with these skills:

Decimal Place Value:

Comparing Decimals:

Adding and Subtracting Decimals:

Thank you to all the families that sent in supplies for our fun Fraction Recipe activity!!!!!!!


We are working through our first unit on Matter. Here are pictures from some of our fun activities!

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Specials Updates



GYM: Students have been participating in soccer activities and will transition to football activities. Please remember to send students with sneakers on gym days. We will be discussing fire safety throughout the month of October. Please try to go over fire safety in your homes. Thanks, Mr. Gilmore

ART: There is so much potential for creating art in the Fall. The changing leaves, pumpkins (my favorite) and apples all lend themselves to rich colorful experiences and chances to be creative. As students begin to experiment with different media, using the colors and shapes around us become essential to learning. Shapes of circles, ovals, polygons, and rectangles are all found in the scenes around us. Blending colors in images, directly on the paper, this is called wet-on-wet painting, give the desired effects of three dimension, changing skies, and distance. Mixed media, using different materials to create images have been what we are focusing on this time of year. Oil pastels, crayons, and watercolor paints have been giving students to create art. Some of their examples are seen here. We will be using the sights and shapes around us in Fall and Winter to create art.

Committee News

Parent and Community :

We are working on planning our Hispanic Heritage Night on October 23. We are asking that anyone that is entering a dish for our yearly competition have it to the school no later than 5:00. No dishes will be accepted for judging after 5:00 so if you think you have the winning dish, make sure you get it in on time!!!


Students need to achieve 90% or better on Class Dojo in order to participate in the monthly reward. The monthly reward for October is Extra Recess. We encourage students to be safe, respectful and responsible in all areas of our school. Thank you for your support!


The Curriculum committee is hard at working looking at our new science curriculum. We are going to be working on adding in video clips and hands on experiments to our science units. We want our students to be engaged in all subject areas!


We are working hard to build NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) SEPs (Science and Engineering Practices) in grades K-5 that lead students in developing inquisitive questioning, strong problem-solving skills, and creative solutions. Encourage your children to question the world around them and explore their curiosity through conducting experiments. Science is everywhere and everyone is a scientist! Click on the link below for fun at-home experiments.


Students in grades 2-5 have completed their diagnostic assessment on i-Ready! Remember your children have access to this amazing mathematical online program that is on their individual level at home (click on the link below to access). Kindergarten and grade 1 students have completed their first CFA1 math assessment and are ready to build their number sense! Remember Happy Numbers is another online math program available to you at home as well, for Kindergarten and grade 1 students ( Let's work together to help develop efficient, hard-working mathematicians!

Parents, thank you for your support and involvement in your child's education! Have a safe and healthy October!!

Top 6 DIY Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home!! Easy Children Activities
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Bookbags have gone home! Please read with your child every night! Take a picture of them reading and send it to us! We would love to see pictures of all of our student posted on our Reading Bulletin Board!