Newsletter #13

Greeting Parents,

This week we started our new study unit on boxes! We started by asking the children several questions and writing down their responses. We asked them what can you do with a box? All the children started saying that you can put things away in a box like for example toys.

I wanted the children to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX so I showed them this video called: The Adventures of a Cardboard Box ( In the video you see a child playing with a cardboard in so many different ways; the box becomes the boys best friend.

After watching the video I discussed with them again the question of what can you do with a box and now they had so many ideas. They shared ideas of things they can create with a box like for example: an airplanes, a dinosaurs, a car. Opening their eyes to different things to really know what it means to think outside the box is very important for Ms. Marianne and me. We want your children to be creative, to have a great imagination and to know they are capable of whatever they set their minds to.

This week we also read a book called: The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. The reason why we read this book is because children got to create their own mailbox this week because we are transforming the Dramatic Center in a Mail Office were each child has their own mailbox and can write letters to friends, family, teachers, or whoever they want and put it inside their mailbox.

For next Friday I need all of you to send 2 letters, one from mom and one from dad. If you want to ask grandparents to send a letter you may do so but please send them as soon as possible. Children will write you a letter and we will send it home, your letter can be an answer to your son or daughter's letter or you can write something different, it's completely up to you.

Children are very excited to start writing letters and putting them inside their mailbox. We hope you enjoy this activity as we will!

Have a great weekend!

Teaching with love,

Ms. Maria and Ms. Marianne

THANK YOU for our Birthday celebration!


Dear Friends,

In an effort to support school initiatives, SRC will be holding a Shoe-Athon to donate to “Un Futuro Mejor Foundation”. This is a foundation founded by Mr. Hackin to help Kuna children who live in the Panama City.

On Friday, November 22 , children who bring a pair of shoes in good conditions (or two if they want), get to wear free clothes. There will also be a “boli” sale during recess. Each “boli” will cost 50 cents.This money will be used by the SRC for the FANLYC Christmas party in December.

A boli is an icy in a plastic bag which we will have frozen solid for everyone’s delight!

Thank you,

Sandy Stargardter & SRC Members