Massachusetts Colony

Salem Village 1692

The Work of the Devil

During this past month of January, the urgent news of two children, Betty Parris and Abigail Williams has been received. The young girls, ages 9 and 11 have began to fall ill. The symptoms of bizarre seizures and uncontrollable screaming have taken hold. Skilled doctor, William Griggs, has made the diagnosis of bewitchment. No natural causes could be found. After the word was received, other families have reported the same happenings. Would our God allow this in our humble community? This is the work of Satan.

Beware: The Witching Hour is Nigh

Accusations have been made and Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborn have been arrested. You may ask, will this stop the witching upon our good people? No, the work of the devil is on every hand. Confessions from Tituba have stated that witches have in fact invaded our Salem. More names have been dropped such as the trusted members of our church, Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse. Satan has penetrated into the very depth of Salem. Goodwife Corey's court date is set for March. Townspeople, please expect many more to follow.

Justice at the Gallow

The Devil's fire is upon us just like the summer heat. After fasting and praying, the Salem people have brought justice. The very first to be tried is young Bridget Bishop. Just like poison ivy, the news of her hanging on June 10th has spread. Found guilty, her bewitching has ended. Others have followed. 13 women and 5 men have found their homes at the gallows.