Course Closed - Grading Schedule

Spanish 2, Spring 16, Sra. Kilburn

¡Enhorabuena! Congratulations to all of you who did it!

For those of you who logged on daily, did you work, stayed away from outside resources, and did your best, congratulations! This was NOT easy, I know. But your ability to keep practicing and sticking with it, to ask me questions when you were unsure, and your belief that putting the language that was being presented would work in the end has brought you great reward. I was so glad to see so many positive responses from you about how the course worked for you. It starts out really frustrating, then as you work, it begins to make sense. That is what I heard over and over again from the majority of you. Congratulations. Sra. Kilburn

For better or worse, the course is now closed.

The instructors have piles of projects and last minute turn ins to grade. But all grades will be submitted by midnight Tues. So what you see in the grade book at that time is what will be submitted to your school. Remember, it is your school who grants the grade, the "A" or "D" or decides passing or not. NCVPS only sends the numeric grade.

How and When do I see my grade?

You will be able to see your Final Project Grade and Final Course Grade this Wednesday May 25th at the latest.