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Campus notes Oct 13th

Duty Stations

Patek Team 7 Front Porch am /Traffic Daycare Porch pm

Perez Team 7 Café 1 am /Front Westcreek corner at school entrance pm

Poth Team 7 Café 2 am /Front Porch Traffic opening car doors pm

Ries Team 7 Gym 1 am /Flag Pole Traffic opening car doors pm

Schildgen Team 7 Gym 2 am /Bike Rack traffic opening car doors pm

“Everybody Come On (It’s On Us)” – Keenan West + Secret Mean Stinks

Notes from Debi

I hope you enjoyed our 3rd session of Welcoming Schools. Being a Bully Blocker takes all of us working together!

Teachers, I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work you put into making conferences and grades happen. I know parents truly appreciate getting a clear insight into how their child is performing in your classroom. As a team, make sure you are recording comments on your report cards consistently following the guidelines that the team leaders agreed upon last year.

Today we had our external safety audit. They were very unlucky today because they ran into a Patton staff member who was very diligent in her job and tracked them down almost immediately. They actually had to request that they be allowed to try one more time and again they were identified by a staff member and returned to the office. Way to go team Patton!

Our initial report shows that we improved tremendously over the report that we had two years ago. The team was impressed with how open the halls were and how free of clutter the building appeared. All of our external doors were locked and no one offered to allow them into the building. (One team member was tricky and did gain entrance by following on the end of a classroom line!)

The recommendations they did have for us were to remember that doors need to be locked at all times. That doesn't mean that doors have to be close, but the doors should be locked so that when the door shuts the the room is secure. Please remember to always lock the door when you are leaving the room. This way you know all of your belongings and the students belonging our secure when you're not there to monitor the room.

We were also reminded to make sure all staff are wearing their badges at all times. In the tour they saw a very few number of staff members did not have on their badge. Kudos to all of you who work so hard to make sure our building is safe.

Portable buildings, please remove class names and class lists from your doors as well as your classroom schedule. We are updating the security request for all visitors to report to the front office. We will post those on the outside of your portable doors today.

Please remember it takes all of us working together to make the building as safe as possible for students and staff. If you see someone on campus without a badge please escort them to the front office. If you are unable to escort them please call front office immediately and let us know someone is on campus. If you do not get an answer please call the front office again. We all try to answer the phone as quickly as possible but sometimes all the lines are busy. We are working to try and improve. It will take all of us being vigilant and consistent so that visitors at Patton know the procedures and expectations. Thank you for working so hard to make Patton a welcoming and safe school.

Thank you Rhonda for setting up the SEL make and take session yesterday in the work room. The glitter bottles and breathing folders would be super cute additions in your peace area. Lynn left instructions and supplies in the teacher workroom if you didn't get a chance to look at all the wonderful activities.

Attendance Facts

Here is our current attendance percentages by grade level:

Pre K 92%

Kinder 95.7%

first grade 97.8%

second grade 96.2%

third grade 97.8%

fourth grade 97.6%

fifth grade 98.2%

patent total attendance 96.9%

Our current enrollment is 974 students down from 983 last week.

Important Reminders

  • Please continue to make sure your students are escorted by an adult if they are walking between the portables and the main building.
  • If you see someone not badged please escort them to the office. If you can't escort them, call the front office immediately.
  • Patton Pride is Thursday October 15th. Please select two students from your class who show qualities of Leadership.
  • Please take a few nurse passes out with you to recess. If you need more passes please let Nancy know.
  • Share those silent auction items with Muffie please.

Safety Update

Here is an update on our safety response. (Newest updates are bolded!)Please share this information with your parents through your newsletters and/or websites.

Immediate responses:

  • Students no longer travel between the portable and the main building without an adult escort.
  • Heat tickets were placed for doors not working correctly. If you experience an issue please call the front office immediately. We also placed heat tickets to address issues with inoperable phones on campus. Again please let the front office know if you are experiencing a difficulty with your classroom phone.
  • Heat tickets were placed to adjust the angles and sensitivity to our campus cameras.
  • Scheduled an external safety audit that will occur within the next two months. This occurred today!
  • Provided portables with 2 working swipe badges that allow access to the building through the keypads.
  • Front door security reviewed with the front office: front doors are monitored by cameras and the front office knows how to operate and view visitors at the front door. We are installing a TV in the front office to show the view of front entrance cameras.
  • Reviewed procedure with front office for when something is reported and how to question with care and respect.
  • Ensure that door buzzers are operational.
  • Teachers escort unidentified visitors or call the front office when they have a safety concern.
  • The safety committee is reviewing landscape, signage, fencing, adding cameras and lighting to the campus, hiring a hall monitor and communication of current safety practices and procedures and identifying areas for updating of practices. The committee has met twice know and is developing a timeline of action items.
The next safety meeting is Thursday, October 20th at 5:45 pm. Please join us if you would like to be a part of this process.
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