Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

By: Deepak Chopra (118 pages) Project by: Harrison Clark

Why I read this book and would I recommend it?

I decided to read "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" after my mom had recommended this book to me. I also wanted to read this book because it seemed very beneficial to my life and future. The author of this book is one of the most influential people of this time and is very famous for his practice in meditation and speaking, so this also stuck out to me and was a reason I read it. I would most definitely recommend this book to someone else because if you apply all the steps it teaches to your life, you will make a positive change to your lifestyle and the way you think.

In a life or death situation, would it be a good last read?

In a life or death situation this would not be a beneficial book to read. This book serves as a teacher and is influential to the way you should live your life. It teaches the reader about what they should do and not do to live a happy and successful life. This book being beneficial and teaching you how to live, it would not be smart to read this book right before you die because you couldn't do anything with what you learned.

Things I loved/hated about the book, and one connection.

Things I loved about the book is that it taught me to not be judgmental towards others and to accept that all people are different. I Also loved the book because it helped teach me about self realization and independence amongst ourselves. Self realization and independence can lead to a much heathy and successful lifestyle due to not relying on others for happiness or other things. Things I did not enjoy about the book is that it did not explain how to apply the 7 laws to our lives. Reading the text about the laws obviously helped, but it would have been even nicer if it showed how to apply them into everyday life. The length of the book was also something that bothered me as a reader, it did a fairly well job of explaining each point, but often at times I felt as if it were rushed. A connection that I made with this book is that it showed how far not being judgmental towards others can get you in life. I try as hard as I can everyday to not judge others and their ideas and be open to all experiences that come into my life.

How has this book broadened your perspective on the ways of people, your idea about life, culture, teenagers, etc.

Reading this book has broadened my perspective on the way I view people, society, and life as a whole. The author wants to teach the reader that they have the power to make decisions and choices that bring positive outcomes. By breathing and meditating, you can decrease your stress level. As a teenager, I like this concept. Many "things" that our culture focuses on are not important. Eliminating "things" feels good. After reading the book, I have made some healthy decisions. If more people focused on authentic happiness, people would ignore what doesnt truly effect us, like the new iphone, celebrities, or who is popular at your school.