TJ Drohan

Physical appearence

The appearence of the person involves having white hair and skin. The baby will be a much lighter skin then any other family member.

emotional features

Ofton leads to a stronger chance of having stress and causing depression

mental features

there isn't any mental affects due to albinism

noticing albinism

you are born with it so it does not catch on throughout your life

it is progressive

it comes from the X of the pair so it develops over time

life span

The life span is the same but they are at a higher risk of vision problems throughout their life

extra care

No need for extra care. But need to pay attention to skin disease


No cures you stay at that color unless you get surgury


A person with albinism is capable of doing everything anyone else can


Pay attention to your skin for cancer and also visit eye doctors frequently. Wear lots of sun screen to protect skin

changes at home

Do not let much light into your house so you do not get burned

emotional support

Make sure there are people around you to support you

school support

None extra but make sure you have glasses because you are at a high risk of low capabilities of vision
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