by Connor

The Worst Day Ever

If you stand on a stool,

you open the roof and you drool!

You will owe your roommate a favor.

You will be a hero/saver.

If you leave, you will be kicked like a mule!

Limerick, Simile, line 5

The Mystery Table

A table,

It is brown, broken and old.

I would find it in an old church.

A table to eat dinner on,

and a table to work on.

Anybody would LOVE this!

See What I Found Poem, Metaphor, line 2

The Tough Guy Building

A Building

drank spinach

in Houston, Texas

on May 14, 2002

because it wants everyone out of it!

5W Poem, Personification, lines 1 and 2


I am Connor.

I have brown hair, I play video games, and I draw.

I am the brother of Trevor Tuominen.

I like money, the Cubs, and Blackhawks.

I feel shoes, a pencil and paper.

I need more video games, books and paper.

I give paper, pencils, and index cards.

I fear heights from above 200 stories, getting hurt, and dying.

I would like to see a PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One Kinect.

I am from (at least close to) Chicago, Illinois.


Bio-Poem, Alliteration, line 9

Very Tall

Guy only gets tall.

He will not shrink down to six.

He needs to shrink down.

Growth does not belong to him.

He can perish if he grows.

Tanku, Hyperbole, line 5

Rule Breaker III

Once, Drake McNeil woke up happy.

He looked out of the window.

He look to his left.

He saw a mysterious man.

His name was Rule Breaker III.

"BOOM! BOOM! KABOOM!", Rule yelled.

He broke a rule in a bad way.

"Please do not do that again", cried Drake.

Free Verse, Onomatopoeia, lines 6 and 8