Paris, France

Do you know about "La Ville Lumière" ("The City of Lights")?

The Prophet Muhammad Comics That May Have Caused Paris Magazine Shooting

(Cause & Effect)

The French magazine (comics) Charlie Hebdo had a history of publishing controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that made Muslim leaders in France, the Middle East and other parts of the world very upset. Because of these publishes 12 people were killed by gunmen on the attack at the Charlie Hebdo central Paris office.

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Uncle Sam & The Blues

(Compare and Contrast)

The U.S.A. and France have many differences and similarities. A obvious difference between the two countries is that they have different currencies. The U.S. uses U.S Dollars while on the other hand France uses Euros. Another difference is the main languages in the two countries. The U.S. speaks English while France speaks French. A similarity between the two countries is that they both have the same main religion which is Christianity.

The Iron Lady


The Eiffel Tower is fascinating. The Eiffel Tower has 5 billion lights on it. The tower began being constructed on January 28, 1887, and didn't open until March 31, 1889. The Eiffel Tower has 3 floors which all have a beautiful scenery to be seen.

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Where's My Wallet!?

(Problem & Solution )

Paris, like many other cities has many pickpockets. It is very common in this major city.

Something like a hair barrette is easily replaceable, while on the other hand many credit cards are not easily replaceable.

One way to prevent being a victim in this horrible scandal is don't carry anything more in your purse/wallet than you are willing to lose. Always keep your valuables close like a phone, laptop, wallet, etc. Tips like these might just save you from a pocket thief.

And The Food?

(Q & A )

What food is Paris most famous for? Paris' most famous food would have to be french wine and cheese.

What is the history of the pairing? The history of this terrific pairing dates back over 6,000 years ago. The french word for cheese, "Fromage" was first used in the 13th century. Wine was usually being used for medicine, diet, and religious reasons.Today wine and cheese are used for flavoring purposes in recipes.

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Bastille Day

Saturday, July 4th, 11:45pm

Paris, France

Paris, IDF

France celebrates Bastille Day every year on July 14th. Bastille Day is like the French Independence Day, except it's in France. To the United States this was the ending of the French Monarchy and the beginning to the French Revolution.