Welcome to McDonalds

In Sweden

McDonalds is Expanding

McDonalds is expanding its operations to new countries around the world. Sweden is their next fronteir to concure the fast food industry.

New Architecture?

Expanding into Sweden is going to require new designs for the McDonalds buildings. The restaraunts will be made of wood and the playground will be more castle like to resemble the european castles that still stand there.

New Uniforms?

McDonalds employees will wear dark blue shirts with slacks in the store. The style is simliar to America and so is the lifesyle of the Swedish and Americans.

New Country, New Menu

1. Filet o fish - Baltic cod served with cheese and a dollop of tartar sauce

2. Triple chocolate muffin- A delicious chocolate cupcake filled with chunks of chocolate.

3. pripps bla- light beer

4. Pannkakor- Swedish pancakes served with strawberry jam

5. McBean- veggie burger

6. McSwedish- chocolate covered fries.

7. McCod- fried cod served with mustard

8. McMeatball- a savory meatball made of cod, goat, and beef

9. McChoco- chocolate flavored ice-cream layered with chocolate syrup

10. McSalad- cod salad with cucumber


This represents globalization because part of Americas culture, the fast food industry, is spreading throughout the world. However, it is also absorbing parts of the swedish culture as it moves there. The McCod for instance is a dish in Swedens' McDonalds that uses one of the most popular fish there, cod. The menu adapted to serve the kind of foods that Sweden citzens would be familiar with and enjoy. Even the architectural style and uniforms changed in this move to another country. The McDonalds in Sweden will be made out of wood and have more of a cabin like look to them. Even the playgrounds, will be changed to look more like old european castles that still lay in Sweden. The Uniforms have been changed to a dark blue shirt with slacks to match the Swedish lifestyle.